Pop UpOffices

A Pop Up Office is a great solution if you have a variety of devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) and want to hook up to a fast 4G connection when you are out and about.

Pop Up Offices allow you to create your own mobile office within minutes. You can connect up to ten other devices to the internet with email and business application access. Your devices can use the 4G network regardless if they are 4G compatible or not.

The mobile 4G hotspot is small and lightweight so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is also very easy to setup and use when you need it!

Where and when can it be used?

  • Temporary shops, offices and other premises
  • Trade shows, exhibitions and events
  • Working on a customer or supplier’s premises – where there’s no guest wifi
  • Construction sites
  • While you’re waiting for your fixed infrastructure to be installed
  • As a fixed back-up solution – delivering resilience