Phone Systems

Telephone Systems

Looking for a business phone system?

By making use of cutting edge technology such as VoIP, and high quality, durable, user-friendly handsets, our aim is to provide customers with an effective, simple to use and administer system.

Integrate appreciates that having access to market leading hardware is only part of the solution. Understanding your business needs, issues and opportunities is absolutely key to how we configure your telephone system and make best use of features available.

Our aim is to take complete responsibility for all of your telecoms needs and deliver a service that enables you to do business.

Our team can advise and project manage all your telephone requirements from an actual PBX telephone system on a wall to Cloud based systems.

Available Phone Systems

  • Samsung 7000 series systems
  • Vodafone one net
  • Vodafone Express
  • Cloud based Hosted

Our team will handle the entire process from the first meeting to the design and implementation of the system. We will find the best and most cost efficient solutions for your own business requirements.