Lines and Calls

At Integrate we are committed to supplying our business customers with reduced line rental costs. We ensure a completely seamless process from the first point of contact to the fulfillment of a brand new business telecommunications system.

Our industry is filled full of gimmicks, catches and small print โ€“ we want to keep it very simple and transparent. Our team will ensure you receive a best-fit solution for you business requirements and objectives. By integrating your communications (business lines, calls and broadband) services, we can lower your overheads and help keep your business costs low and static.

Manage all your business lines online with our control panel and if you have a multi-site business or a large enterprise operation, our control system can also monitor fraud and unused lines which can be stopped or ceased saving you even more money.

What can our team provide?

  • Line transfers and new site installations
  • Analogue lines
  • ISDN2 Lines
  • ISN30 Lines

Speak to our team about SIP/VoIP lines

  • Free of charge 10 days transfer on all Business line and call orders
  • Keep you existing number
  • Arrange everything online and via our dedicated team
  • Simple billing โ€œ billingโ€ online control and monthly
  • Enjoy professional account management and service

Sick of long term contracts? Why not take out a 3 month rolling contract? Terms apply, only available on business analogue lines.