Free Test Sim Package

 Enter FreeTrial as the Discount Code at the checkout - the order is free and we don't need to take any payment details to process free sim trial orders.

Are you needing new Data Sims for your company but are unsure which would be most suitable?

We are offering a free test sim package so you can ensure our products will meet your needs for a free trial period of a week. This gives you peace of mind that you will get the right product before placing an order before you know you'll receive the services you need. Maximum of Three data Sims per customer.

Once you've decided if our products meet your needs you can place an order as required, our Sim contracts include flexibility to add sims as the needs of your company changes.

If this sounds like a package you'd like to trial then either order on our website shop, use our contact us page on the website or if you prefer give us a call on 0203 6951010 leaving your contact details and we call you back to arrange a free trial.