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PHTM Expo 2018
PHTM Expo 2018

Visit us at the PHTM Expo 2018

It's here!!! The first day of the PHTM Expo 2018 has arrived and we are excited!

Well, the office minions are abit jealous but Ben, Robert and Bethany seem to be having a good time at the expo...


Go visit them at our stand and find out about our Taxi Packages including a Free Sim Trial, Text-back Services and Hardware. 

Also leave your Business Card or Email address to take part in our competition to win a years free Backup Broadband. Not bad ehhhh?

If you aren't at the Expo this year then never fear!

Sign-up to our Newsletter and we will enter your email address into the competition.

We are offering free test sims from our website click HERE - just add FREETRIAL as a discount code to your checkout and we don't need payment details to process your order.

If you're at the Expo have a great time- and if not then HAPPY HUMP DAY!


Head Office Minion.

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